Jessica’s 3D feather technique is a natural semi-permanent method to restoring brows. She created this unique approach based on her advanced knowledge of hair and skin science coupled with organic pigments. Her artistry with color, advanced technique and custom blend of pigments gives a very youthful compliment to your appearance. Her advanced approach can also stimulate the hair follicle which leads to new growth of brows that were once lost. This is not micro blading. This innovative technology is hands down the most natural method to restoring a more youthful look to your eyebrows.

Our skin goes through immense wear and tear. This can result in marks and scars that do not go away on their own. If these scars bog down your confidence, you can avail completely safe treatment with us. Jessica Canseco at JC Beauty Consulting Inc. is an expert in Micropigmentation, a nonsurgical technique to cover up marks and scars.

Jessica has helped hundreds of clients feel confident in their skin again, whether walking around without makeup or pulling their hair back without showing scarring around their scalp. With her help, you can eliminate burn marks, cuts, keloids, and more. We ensure all the proper protocols to ensure your wound heals completely with minimal downtime.

We use a noninvasive procedure to tattoo micro pigments onto the affected areas of the skin. This successfully covers the skin’s natural appearance, whether it’s cuts, marks, or burns. We carefully use a mix of the appropriate colors to ensure the pigment blends with your natural skin color. Jessica Canseco will analyze the problem areas and then cover these defects with 100% accuracy and precision.

If you underwent a hair transplant, you might have noticed scars around your scalp. We use scalp micropigmentation to cover up these head scars that may prevent you from doing something as simple as tying your hair back. Jessica Canseco is experienced in covering up all kinds of scars. The most common is the strip scar, usually acquired during Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

Why should I choose Skin Micropigmentation?

People who underwent a hair transplant have carried scars for years. We are here to relieve your burden once and for all, and help you cover these scars with minimal hassle. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to cover up scars or marks, here’s why ski micropigmentation is the best option for you.

No Invasive Surgery

If you are worried about the dangers of invasive procedures, now you have the option of getting rid of any scars without any extensive surgery. This is a completely safe method, which allows you to get back to your day-to-day activities without any downtime. There might be a few precautionary measures, and Jessica Canseco will walk you through all that.

Completely Natural Appearance

We have experience dealing with scars and wounds of all kinds. Our skin or scalp micropigmentation looks natural and blends perfectly with the skin. We use a careful process to ensure that the pigment matches your skin. These ‘tattoos’ look natural, just as if it’s your skin.

Instant Results

The average micropigmentation treatment takes just 2-3 sessions, and you can see results immediately after each session.

Our skin micropigmentation services produce little to absolutely no side effects. This is one of the most popular and successful procedures at our clinic. Whether it’s pigment correction, scalp, or skin mark camouflage, we are experts at handling it all. Come in for a quick consultation and schedule a micropigmentation appointment right away.

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