Burn marks can result from chemicals, fire, electricity, or heat. They can be visible and painful, their intensity varying with the severity of your accident. If you have burn marks anywhere on your face or body, you can get in touch with us for industry-leading burn repair services that produce remarkable results.

Jessica Canseco is our resident expert at Beauty Consulting Inc. We will analyze your burn marks and determine the best treatment option for you. We strictly use state-of-the-art technology from a wide array of chemical peels, lasers, and more to heal burn marks and revive your skin and confidence. 

Burn Scars

  • First-degree burns cause redness and may heal on their own in about 6 weeks.
  • Second-degree burns impact the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) as well as the dermis (layer under the skin). They cause redness and may even form blisters. Second-degree burns usually cause scarring.
  • Third-degree burns are more severe as they penetrate the skin and may damage the bones and nerve endings too. The skin might be seen changing color and it will cause scarring.

Types Of Burn Repair Services

JC Beauty Consulting has a complete range of burn repair services, which cater to first-degree burns, second-degree burns, and even third-degree burns.

We will evaluate the location and severity of your burns and then decide which procedure will produce optimal results.

This noninvasive burn repair procedure breaks the scar tissue to reveal new skin. It also helps to overcome any restricted movement caused by the location or severity of the burn scars. Laser therapy tends to all kinds of burn scars – old, new, and severe. Our laser procedures incur limited to no downtime, allowing you to continue your daily activities in just a few days.

This procedure is most suited to relatively minor burn scars. You will require additional procedures for more intensive burns. Skin grafting takes healthy skin from another part of your body or from a donor to cover the burned area of your skin. Skin grafting ensures faster healing with minimal to no scarring.

Chemical peels are best suited to first-degree and second-degree burns that affect the top layer of the skin. In this procedure, a chemical solution of a suitable intensity is applied to the skin to get rid of the top layers. This removes the damaged scar tissue, revealing fresh, rejuvenated skin. Light chemical peels require no downtime, while deeper chemical peels might have a slightly longer recovery time.

JC Beauty Consulting Inc. also offers reconstructive burn surgery for more serious, third-degree burns that hamper joint and muscle movement. This surgery will significantly reduce burn scars, also releasing any painful contracture that causes inconvenience to you.

To qualify for reconstructive burn surgery, we will require:

  • A complete record of the patient’s medical history
  • A complete physical examination of the patient

Jessica Canseco will discuss any possible risks associated with surgery, so you go into the procedure fully aware.  Rest assured that you’re in safe hands!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch.