Having cellulite is no reason for you not to step out and flaunt whatever you want to wear. Cellulite is a common skin condition that affects 80% to 90% of all women, irrespective of the skin color or type. This is a completely harmless condition, but it might appear in the form of lumpy skin. If cellulite bothers you, there are ways to reduce it. Cellulite is most common on the thighs, buttocks, hips, breasts, and abdomen.

Given how common cellulite is, there are many cellulite treatment options available. As a result, you can easily get confused about which way to go, and what really works for you. If this is your consternation, you can book a consultation with our expert beautician, Jessica Canseco, at JC Beauty Consulting Inc. She will analyze your problem areas and devise a suitable body or face treatment for your cellulite. 

Types of Cellulite Treatments

If you want to remove or at least fade cellulite, but are worried about invasive procedures, rest assured that our cellulite treatment is completely safe. There are certain protocols depending on the patient’s condition. Jessica Canseco will assess your problem areas, medical history, and skin type, and then choose a cellulite treatment plan to achieve safe and effective results.


We use a range of laser treatments to get rid of cellulite. In most laser methods, a small laser fiber is inserted under the skin. The laser heat is then used to destroy the fat-binding fibrous bands. Laser treatment can control and reduce cellulite for 6 months up to a year.


In this technique, we will apply a thin film of gel to the skin. We then run a small, handheld device over the affected areas, and this transducer uses sound waves to break up cellulite. Kindly note that you will require several sessions before you notice a visible improvement.


Also known as ‘CoolSculpting,’ this method is a noninvasive fat freezing procedure that employs very cold temperatures to freeze fat. This fat reduction technique helps reduce cellulite over a few months. You may experience an approximate fat reduction of between 15% and 28% in about 4 months.


We use radiofrequency energy and heat to tighten and strengthen saggy and dimpled skin. The heat from this technique results in new collagen production, which temporarily mitigates the appearance of cellulite.


Once you have decided to get rid of cellulite, book an appointment with us. We will assess your condition and then choose the most suitable cellulite treatment plan for you. We may also use several methods in tandem to achieve optimum results. We will advise you about any risks and costs involved, as well as when you can expect to see results. Rest assured that all our procedures are completely safe and suitable for all skin types. We ensure minimal to no downtime on all our cellulite treatment plans.