Vaginal Rejuvination

I know today there are a lot of laser treatment options out there for rejuvenating skin, and indeed I have tried many on my face and neck. But the newest trend rejuvenates an aging perineum, helps vanish episiotomy scars from child birthing and also tighten the sagging labia majora and labia minor. Overall, the procedure seeks to provide a youthful and aesthetically more appealing vagina. I was intrigued to say the least. In my Image consulting business I have encountered a reoccurring universal issue many women are facing… they don’t like the appearance of their vagina. A topic some are too embarrassed to confess, however women often lack sexual confidence due to their appearance down below. One such client professed “she no longer would have sex with her husband in fear he might not like what he saw after several births and turning 40″. Not only did her self esteem grow increasingly low she never knew there was anything she could do about it. So I decided to do some research. Since lasers have worked amazingly well on my face and neck I decided to give vaginal laser rejuvenation a try.

Most women do not want the small inner lips to project beyond the large outer lips. The Pixel laser technology not only tightens skin on the neck face and eyelids it also works on overall skin quality of the vagina by manipulating with the less than tight collagen fibers in the skin. Often child birth will cause a change in the elasticity of the skin. While transitioning new cells, it also indicates improvement in tone and texture of the skin, and reduces and improves discoloration due to age, hyperpigmentation, and unsightly ingrown hair scars.
This technology is known as ablative fractional technology. Skin resurfacing occurs as the laser passes over the affected skin to remove damaged outer layers and, through heat, stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells in the underlying layers. The Pixel technology allows for a smoother, tighter, and more improved skin texture and tone after just 1-2 sessions. The technology has demonstrated a triggering of biological responses that may lead to collagen remodeling; responsible for the smoothing of wrinkles, improvement of laxity and discoloration. Usually completed in little under 30 minutes the results have been equal to those of traditional laser resurfacing techniques. The procedure itself is performed with minimal downtime and discomfort, treatment protocol calls for a series of 5 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart. Cost varies but can range from 300-500 per treatment.
I must say after just 1 treatment I saw a definite improvement in skin tone and tightening. After 2 treatments my ingrown hair scars were starting to vanish. Treatment 3 was an even better improvement as all was definitely firmer with an even skin tone throughout. I was thrilled to see these results knowing there is hope for women out there. Needless to say my client can’t thank me enough as she is now enjoying her husband again. Grow old gracefully? Hmmmmmmm…… why do we have to these days? A little laser here and there never hurt anyone and can do wonders for your vagina:)

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