A cosmetic tattoo professional´s technique is just as individual as the features they are seeking to enhance. Micropigmentation is a safe, non-invasive procedure that produces semi-permanent results.
It goes without saying that your chosen professional should be using the most advanced digital equipment. However, it is the method or more appropriately, the artistic talent of your professional that will produce either a work of art, or…a work in progress.

There is a great degree of variance among professionals in any industry and this one is no different.
Jessica Canseco has spent more than a decade perfecting her natural aptitude for beautification. A background in make-up artistry, design, physiology and image consulting; Jessica has studied and practiced image enhancement for most of her life. Her innate abilities and honed talents make her an artist able to transform any canvas into perfection, naturally.

During an initial consultation Jessica will evaluate your skin´s undertones and colors. Many times undertones are not considered – the result being a `painted on´ and made-up´ appearance. The next phase in the process is the application of pigments. This is far more complex than applying make-up, as the results prove. Jessica´s innovative, proprietary procedure combines feathering, blending, three-dimensional definition and most importantly, artistic brilliance to produce a naturally beautiful masterpiece.

The process is so gradual and natural that no one will notice – instead they will wonder how you always look so good.
Jessica Canseco is a professional who wants you to look your very best.

“The most important thing for me is that you feel good. I believe the best way to feeling good is looking our best – always. With cosmetic tattooing, this can be achieved” Jessica Canseco

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