Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage 

Scars no longer have to be permanent reminders of tragedies past. Using her unique artistic advantage, Jessica is able to repair both surface and depressed scars using a combination of pigment application and needling.

Scarring from surgery, burns and accidents can now be disguised and forgotten.

Facelift Scars

As with breast augmentation, scars left behind after a face-lift surgery can undermine the benefits of the surgery itself.

Using a soft shading technique lightly layered over a few treatments, Jessica is able to virtually eliminate facelift scars.

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Burn Scars

Using a combination of needling to loosen the scar and pigmentation to camouflage it. Jessica has achieved great success in disguising burn scars.

Neck Scars

Scar camouflaging coupled with micro needling virtually eliminated the scar. Amazing results! Changed this person’s life. Happy to have been part of it.

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Chest Scars

Chest scar camouflaging combined with micro needling.

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Knee/Leg Scars

Micro needling combined with scar camouflaging.

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Full face

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Breast Augumentation and Mastectomy Scars

Sometime breast augmentation procedures or mastectomies can leave scars that undermine the benefits of the original procedure.

Scars from mastectomy can be virtually eliminated using needling and pigmentation techniques. Areolas can also be re-created using three-dimensional effects for a natural restoration.

Jessica has worked with many women to adjust the shape of their areolas and mask discoloration. Symmetry repair and pigment layering are used to restore perfection.

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