Cosmetic tattooing has revolutionized the paramedical industry. Patients who formerly had no viable options to correct medical abnormalities have embraced this procedure. Most report that these procedures have changed their lives by restoring their self-confidence.

Potential clients must remember that these are advanced processes and should only be done by a State certified and masterfully trained professional. Before working with any technician, ask a lot of questions and check credentials so you can be confident you are working with a professional.

 Medical Needling or Mulri-Trepanic

Collagen Actuation For Wrinkles and Scar Damage

This natural skin rejuvenation method reduces the depth of wrinkles, fine lines and shallow depressed scars on the face.

The process creates hundreds of microscopic `pin pricks´ to activate your body´s wound healing process. As your skin heals, it uses your own collagen to fill the wrinkles and scars naturally. Jessica´s mastery of the collagen manipulation process is also used to raise or flatten scar tissue for seamless results.

Most often the body will even re-pigment itself following treatment.

Birth Defects and Facial Abnormalities

Paramedical tattooing has been successful in restoring symmetry to patients´ facial features. This is widely used among individuals with birth defects, Bell´s palsy or those who have suffered a stroke.

Each case is unique and thus it is recommended you come and see Jessica for a consultation to find the right solution for you.

Medical Correction

Paramedical tattooing is proven useful in reducing the appearance of a cleft palette, vitiligo and other genetic shortcomings. Contact Jessica to discuss solutions for your specific case.

Alopecia | Hairloss

An accomplished professional can easily disguise this common medical condition involving loss of hair from the eyebrows and eyelashes. Jessica´s lengthy experience as a make-up artist ensures results are natural and beautiful without appearing `made-up´.

For hair loss, matching pigments are applied to match the surrounding hair color, simulating scalp hair.


Medical advances in reconstructive surgery after the tragedy of mastectomy has come a long way. In the final phase of restoration, a well-trained paramedical professional can create a natural looking three-dimensional areola (nipple), restoring a patient´s confidence and self-esteem.

Corrective Pigment

Pigment is used to change the color of an area of skin, evening out skin tone for a continuous and unnoticeable transition.

This procedure has been exceptionally successful for patients with burn scars or birthmarks. The needle´s penetration also works to loosen scar tissue for a greater range of movement.

Recoloration is best used on areas not repeatedly exposed to the sun.


Similar to medical needling, no pigment is used in this procedure. Hyper or hypo-pigmentation is used to stimulate the melanocyte cells in the epidermis, which in turn produce melanin.

This process helps the treated areas to blend in with the rest of the patient’s skin.

Scar Relaxation

This procedure involves repeated needle penetration that works to loosen scar tissue giving the patient a greater range of movement in the affected area. No pigments are used in this process.

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