First, I want to thank Jessica Fisher-Canseco for the stunningly BEAUTIFUL results of my permanent lip tattoo and natural eyebrow fix! There are so many misconceptions today about what permanent makeup tattooing can do for a woman, and I hope this testimonial clarifies this. A few months ago I called a girlfriend of mine who said she was in the middle of getting permanent makeup tattooed on her face and she wanted me to come to watch. Horrified, I had the misconceptions that most people have today. Permanent makeup to me was dark tacky lip liner, unnatural eyeliner, and fake looking eyebrows. I could not believe my friend was actually doing this! I drove immediately there, and I was completely surprised and astonished by what I saw. The permanent makeup tattoos where nothing like I had imagined! They were so beautiful, natural, and enhanced the beauty of both girl’s face. Jessica, the permanent tattoo makeup artist had her entire face tattooed and I could not tell! It looked like she had very soft natural looking makeup on. After seeing the results on both my friend Rachel, and the makeup tattoo artist Jessica, I immediately set a date to have my lips tattooed and to touch up a few spots on my eyebrow. Before I had my lips tattooed, I would always wear a natural nude pink color lip liner to line and in some areas over-line my lips. Now, my lips are such a beautiful soft blush pink color without having to use any lip liners or gloss at all! I wear absolutely nothing on my lips now, and they look more beautiful then ever! Jessica is able to enhance the color of your lips, and tone out blue or brown undertones in the lips. She can also define, over-line, and shape lips to enhance your natural beauty. The tattooing was a process that was totally worth it!!! I wake up beautiful every day now without having to apply any thing on my lips at all. After eating, showering, swimming or kissing, my lips look as stunning as ever. I also had a few thin areas on my eyebrow and Jessica was able to tattoo a few natural hair strokes to make my eyebrow look beautiful without having to apply any eyebrow pencil. Wow, what a difference! Not only is Jessica a very sweet girl, she is also very knowledgeable, skilled, takes her time with each patient, and has such a talented eye for beauty. This was such a wonderful experience that I would recommend her to everyone!! I have fallen so in love with my lips that next, Jessica is going to enhance my lash line and eyes with her permanent makeup technique and I can’t wait!! -Nikki

“Thank you so very much for making me beautiful!!!! xoxo Nikki ”


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