Lips Correction with Advanced Tri-layer Technique

     Lip correction with Advanced Tri-layer Technique is the latest way to perfect any lip color tattooing, looks virtually undetectable, natural and perfect 365 days a year!

This particular client had several unsuccessful lip tattooing procedures done elsewhere, as shown in the first photo. It is not only too red and bright in color and not the natural pink she wanted, and also very unsymmetrical around the lip line on both the top and bottom. In fact she had some scarring around the top lip due to over working of the pigment and an aggressive use of the wrong needles. Her skin continued to turn darker and darker with time even though they assured her she would get a natural pink in the end. Unfortunately, when she came to me this is what she had ended up with and was devastated.

       My feather technique using the desired needle sizes and equipment in order to camouflage darker tones is very important. If you go in too deep or at an incorrect angle, you can simply push the old pigment to undesired areas causing it to migrate to multiple spots. Also, the  risk of it getting darker than when started  is always a factor. Secondly, choosing the correct color based not only on your skin tones and pigment alone but understanding the color the prior technician used and understanding how to lift and camouflage is important. After 3 visits, we were able to achieve exactly what she originally wanted which was a very light petal pink color. 

      After several visits, she also received a nice bonus effect from the stimulation of the collagen fibers underneath which helped give the lips a natural fuller look without the us of injectables.

With the right tools, knowledge and understanding of color and correction, you can achieve a more natural appearance. You don’t have to be stuck with bad tattooing anymore.

Please Note:

*Client must be patient as most correction processes take 3 visits with minimal downtime.

*Client has lip gloss on and no lipstick in each photo to show appearance of irregularities even with a gloss.

To make an appointment for a personal consultation, please contact Jessica at the  Beauty Park Medical Spa


2 Responses to Lips Correction with Advanced Tri-layer Technique

  1. BB January 2, 2014 at 10:52 AM #

    Hi Jessica.

    I am of asian descent, and I feel like my lips are darker than I would like. When I’m really tan and my skin tone is closer to the color of my lips I feel like the color is better balanced.

    Is there anything tattooing can do you lighten or add a lighter pink to darker lips?

    Thanks for your time.

      Jessica Canseco January 7, 2014 at 2:04 PM #

      Hi BB
      Could you please call my office at the Beauty Park Medical Spa
      Phone: 310-587-3502 or email me and reference this post.
      I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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