Cosmetic Tattooing


 Cosmetic Tattooing

Jessica Canseco´s proprietary technique ensures that your results are subtle, natural and three-dimensional so your face never looks `painted-on´. A master artist, Jessica understands colors and undertones and what works and what doesn´t with each patient´s unique complexion. Needle size, method and pigment contribute to results but artistry is what distinguishes `good´ from `perfect´. The procedures are safe and medically approved.


       Cosmetically tattoo enhanced eyebrows are perfectly shaped, full and maintenance free. Jessica uses a proprietary 3D feathering technique and color blending to ensure a natural appearance.


The subtlety of a beautifully enhanced eye is the key to a youthful and attractive appearance.

The lines of the eye are accentuated using colors naturally found in the skin. Eyes appear wider and more alive. Thickness of line is pre-determined in consultation; however, Jessica recommends the “less is more” approach.


This procedure is ideal for both men and women who want to enhance their eyes but don´t have the time or ability to apply make-up. Dots of pigment are placed between sparse lashes to create a fuller look.


  Lip definition depletes with age starting in our 20s. Matching your lips´ existing undertones, Jessica restores youth using a creative blending technique that gives lift, shape and even volume. The result is perfectly natural, luscious lips that look like your own…only better. You can always put lipstick over any permanent lip color to change your look.

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