Cosmetic tattooing never looked so natural!



Cosmetic Micro Pigmentation

is a great way  to naturally enhance lips, brows and eyes subtly and naturally.



I have developed a 3D Feather Stroke Technique for the brows with Advanced Custom Color Blending for a three dimensional life like appearance.
Notice the brows are too far apart and needed more definition. By adding hair strokes it not only polished her look, it also helped balance the symmetry with her mouth.





Eyes should be subtly enhanced and catered to each individual shape. With my technique you can make eyes appear larger, less hooded, giving an instant eye lift  and enhanced lashes by creating a fuller lash bed.
The eyes had little definition and appeared tired and washed out. She wanted a subtle lift of the upper eye, achieved  by placing the pigment in the correct spots. It gave her an instant eye opener. Her eyes appear more vibrant and alert.





My lip technique is called duo lip enhancement. My advanced layering technique gives you a beautifully enhanced pink color geared towards your skin tone and can create a fuller more beautiful mouth without the use of fillers or injections.
The lipstick in the before picture here is too light which washes her out a bit. I chose a custom blended coral color with a hint of a rose gold which best suits her skin tones. Lipstick no longer needed!    




Full Face

The photos below were taken the same day and she left with little to no down time and no make up. The key is to look refreshed and renewed without the appearance of having had a procedure done.  My new innovative technique is a more custom approach for a more refined natural look.

Cosmetic tattooing never looked so natural!

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