Cosmetic Tattooing Defined

Cosmetic Tattooing is more than just the latest Hollywood trend. Fast becoming one of the most requested beauty treatments, it is the non-invasive solution for a youthful, fresh and polished image. Promising guaranteed flawless results, your imperfections and scars are virtually erased and make-up no longer needs retouching.


Not to be confused with traditional tattooing, cosmetic tattooing involves subtle enhancements using a muted palette for a natural, soft finish. Perfection is achieved by impregnating the skin´s second layer, the dermis using a technique that produces a three dimensional effect. The results are semi-permanent, unlike traditional tattooing that reaches the third layer.


Both men and women alike have embraced cosmetic tattooing. It´s for people who want to wake-up every day looking like they´ve just left the make-up artist´s chair. It´s for people who want to leave everyone wondering how they always look so flawless. It´s for people who want to achieve daily perfection without spending the time or money such a commitment takes. It´s for people who want to look their best – 24 hours a day, naturally. From the gym to the office to the bedroom, cosmetic tattooing is no longer reserved for the big screen.


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