Cosmetic Corrections

     Tattooing never looked so natural with my 3D Tri-layer Feather Technique with camouflage Correction. The key to good cosmetic tattooing is to make it appear as if you don’t have any!

Tattooing gone wrong and what to do:

     Cosmetic corrections of brows, lips, eyes and scars is not easy. In fact most in the field today do not fully understand the process of color correction, camouflaging or removal. In years of studying aesthetics and skin along with advanced training in color theory and color correction I have come very close to perfecting many cases gone bad! 

     Above is a before the client’s treatment. Her previous color had not only turned ashy and blue it had also blobbed out. She needed to have her brow color warmed and remove the ashy tone giving her a natural soft brow again.

     In the after photo above, camouflaging followed by shadowed warm brow strokes gave her a natural look again. We were able to accomplish this look on our first visit and this is immediately following the procedure.

     Don’t live with old tattooing mistakes any longer. Brows are one of the most important features if not the most important part of your face. Be sure you achieve the most natural results with the right color, symmetry, and the technique that suits you and your face.

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  1. lakiesha brown May 12, 2013 at 12:28 AM #

    Do you all do any work in Memphis? This is absolutely beautiful work and I’m desperate and willing to pay.

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