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To ensure that comments enhance and donĀ“t detract from the blog, has a formal comment policy. To maintain the integrity of the blog and its content, all comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks are moderated. Blog administrators work to review and approve comments as quickly as possible, but please do not resubmit your comment if it does not appear right away.We ask that your comments be relevant to the blog posting , that they be respectful, and that they be kept brief. Flaming or disrespectful posts will not be tolerated.Remember: A comment is conversation. A comment that does not add to the conversation, runs off on an inappropriate tangent, or kills the conversation may be edited, moved, or deleted.Moderators may:
Reject postings containing statements that appear to be defamatory or libelous in nature.
Edit or delete comments as deemed necessary. Serious edits will be noted at the end of the comment. At no time will attempt to alter the core meaning of a comment.
Ask the original author to rewrite or edit the message when the moderators judge it to be a personal attack or otherwise offensive.
Reject postings not pertinent to topics (e.g.., jokes, job ads)
Reject redundant postings
Ask the poster to re-post the message with identifying information, such as name.
Anyone who violates the Comments Policy may be blocked from future commenting on this blog.

Please identify yourself when commenting. If we have reason to believe an identity is false we reserve the right to remove the comment.

All Rights Reserved
The blog owner, administrator, contributor, editor, and/or author reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments. They also have the right to block access to any individual or group from commenting.

Hold Harmless
All comments within this blog are the responsibility of the commenter, not the blog owner, administrator, contributor, editor or author. By submitting a comment on our blog, you agree that the comment content is your own, and to hold harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.

These guidelines are subject to discussion and change. If you have thoughts about how to improve them, please send a message to joe”at”
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