About Cosmetic Tattooing

Jessica Canseco

prominent Beverly Hills Paramedical and Cosmetic Tattoo specialist creates flawless perfection using micropigmentation techniques. Cosmetic Tattooing is more than just the latest Hollywood trend. It is one of the most requested beauty treatments for celebrities and image conscious people alike. Youthful, fresh and flawless results can be achieved without invasive surgery, caked-on make-up or painful lasers. Permanent make-up is subtle and natural and there´s no downtime.

The application of permanent make-up means no more smudges, runs or retouching. At Jessica Canseco Beverly Hills, permanent make-up is applied using a muted palette that enhances your natural beauty so your face never looks `made-up´ or `painted on´. Instead you will look younger, fresher and more vibrant.

For best results, only trust your face to the best in the industry. Jessica Canseco was trained by the best; Athena, a Paramedical and Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist and certified teacher in the state of California. Jessica Canseco also worked with the best; internationally recognized Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher of ABC´s Extreme Makeover.

Jessica´s well-rounded education and experience spanning more than a decade strengthened her commitment to natural, non-invasive anti-aging beautification procedures.
During an initial consultation Jessica will evaluate your skin´s undertones, colors and feature symmetry. Many times undertones are not considered – the result being a `made-up´ and unnatural appearance.

Jessica Canseco´s proprietary technique ensures that your results are subtle, natural and three-dimensional for realistic results. Permanent make-up enhances your skin´s undertones for flawless eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. Asymmetry is corrected, instantly making facial features more attractive. The procedures are safe and medically approved.
Celebrities, athletes, executives, even heads of state have turned to micropigmentation to save hours of valuable time. But anyone, both men and women, who want to save time and look their best around the clock – without a personal make-up artist or invasive surgery, is the ideal candidate for cosmetic tattooing.

Jessica Canseco´s paramedical procedures correct imperfections, wrinkles and scars.

    Jessica´s experience in the paramedical field includes:
  • Scar Camouflage: face and body; elevated or depressed
  • Medical Correction
  • Alopecia and Hair Loss Camouflage
  • Medical Needling or Multi-Trepanic collagen actuation for wrinkles and scar damage
  • Birth Defects and Facial Abnormalities
  • Breast Augmentation or Mastectomy
  • Areola 3D Repigmentation
  • Corrective Pigment Camouflage
  • Melanocyte Restoration
  • Scar Relaxation
  • Burn Scars
  • Facelift Scars

Jessica Canseco is a Paramedical and Cosmetic Tattoo Professional who wants you to look your very best.

From the gym to the office to the bedroom, cosmetic tattooing is no longer reserved for the big screen. Jessica Canseco  is your answer to image excellence – without the fuss.

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