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Eyebrows 3D Tri-layer Patent Pending Technique

     Finally you can have fuller natural more youthful Brows with my patent pending 3D trilayer technique! My hair stroke method combined with custom color blending gives you the most natural brows 365 days a year! Hollywood’s secret to looking perfect every day!       Fuller brows are youthful, imply good health, can update your look and give ….Read more

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3D Tri-layer Technique Protocol

     In providing this service, we will need to set up a consult so I can better understand your goals. I will ask questions on what is most important to you regarding your brows, eyes, nose, lips, face symmetry. hair color, bone structure and more. What do you like about your looks and what don’t you ….Read more

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Lips Correction with Advanced Tri-layer Technique

     Lip correction with Advanced Tri-layer Technique is the latest way to perfect any lip color tattooing, looks virtually undetectable, natural and perfect 365 days a year! This particular client had several unsuccessful lip tattooing procedures done elsewhere, as shown in the first photo. It is not only too red and bright in color and not ….Read more

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Hollywood Loves the 3D Tri-layer Technique

     Hollywood’s growing trend is my 3D Tri-layer Feathering Technique for the most natural looking youthful brows. A unique approach to mimicking your own hairs using this advanced technique allows tattooing to stay soft and beautiful.      This process requires several treatments and important follow up instructions. Layering in the skin using different depths, duo needle sizes ….Read more

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Cosmetic Corrections

     Tattooing never looked so natural with my 3D Tri-layer Feather Technique with camouflage Correction. The key to good cosmetic tattooing is to make it appear as if you don’t have any! Tattooing gone wrong and what to do:      Cosmetic corrections of brows, lips, eyes and scars is not easy. In fact most in the field today ….Read more

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